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GodXess LLC

Holistic Healing and Spiritual Sanctuary


Gods and Goddesses to the GodXess LLC Holistic Healing and Spiritual Sanctuary

Step into our Luxury Suite and work towards restoring your Mind, Body, and Soul to its natural state by detoxing and recharging utilizing natural resources.

We are here to assist you with learning more about your internal being and providing tools to help keep you focused, healthy, and grounded through life.

We look forward to joining you on your journey of self-care, self-love, and self-discovery.

We Accept HSA/FSA Health Cards



Video by:  City Bird Productions

Starr is a Serial Entrepreneur that is also holistic.
Rev. Dr. Starr is the Founder of The Very Essynce of Events LLC, The Very Essynce of Virtual Assistants LLC, and GodXess LLC.

She strongly believes in the natural healing methodologies orchestrated and administered for many generations.  She always uses herself as an example when passionately explaining how they helped her by personally eliminating her vertigo, sinuses, and allergies by utilizing natural herbs, oils, and changing her eating habits.  She has been plant-based for 8+ years and is an advocate for self-care.

Starr is also a certified Reiki Master, Metaphysician, and certified Ordained Metaphysical Minister (universal religious).  She’s dedicated to introducing “natural” remedies to help restore the mind, body, and soul to its natural state no matter your beliefs or religion.

Starr is also qualified to administer Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Sage ceremonies, house cleansings, and more!
“Before there was Pharm, there was Farm.”
Essynce is Starr’s daughter, and she is also a Serial Entrepreneur.  Essynce is the Founder of Essynce Couture LLC and GodXess LLC.  Essynce has been plant-based for 4+ years and advocates for eating healthy and self-love. 
Essynce is a student of life, who has traveled, read many books regarding the subject of self-love and spiritual wellness.  She has attended multiple meditation retreats and ceremonies, and even taken it upon herself to teach yoga classes at her old high school.  She is both a teacher and a student; a precocious pupil produced by the planet.

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