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Custom Aura Energy Readings

  • 30 minutes
  • 88.88 US dollars
  • Windward Parkway

Service Description

Bringing together proprietary data and extensive aura analysis information, our aura camera machine is truly an innovative solution for GodXess LLC. This service is ONLY available in-person. Through real-time graphic displays, the aura reading machine creates a visual interpretation of your energy channels. Inneractive technology references well-known aura beliefs to create a visualization of your energy data. The aura reading machine takes readings of your hand via a sensor and then uses advanced software to convert this data into easy-to-read charts and graphs. You’ll be able to evaluate your aura and chakra flow on-the-spot and can even track its evolution over time. Understanding your aura-chakra energies has never been easier. Some of the benefits: *Provide instant easy to understand information on aura-chakra states. *Rapid feedback tool for educating our clients about changes in aura depictions. *Personalized aura-wellness reading. *Log our client’s aura-chakra changes over time and revisit for further analysis and comparison. *Compare aura and chakra readings side-by-side with the analysis emailed to you Aura definition: (in spiritualism and some forms of alternative medicine) a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual. "emotional, mental, and spiritual levels form an energy field around the body known as the aura"


We don't offer any refunds on any of our services, only the option to reschedule your appointment.

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